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Soccer (English: football, by foot, “leg” and ball, “ball”) is a team sport that is played by two teams of eleven with a spherical ball.

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Football is played on a rectangular field covered with natural or artificial grass, aiming ball is driven into the opponent’s goal, thereby blasted. The doors of both teams are located on the short sides of the rectangular field. During the game only goalkeepers are allowed to touch the ball with his hand and the other players usually kick her feet and occasionally met her body or head.

The match is won by the team scoring the most goals. Draw goals, depending on the requirements of the competition, the result can be declared equal or play on in extra time or on penalties. Modern football originated in England, where in 1863, after the establishment of the Football Association have established the first rules of the game. International football competitions are coordinated by the International Football Federation (FIFA), which was established in 1904. The most prestigious international competition is the World Cup, held every four years.

Free Super TipsPredictions
Celtic – FerencvarosBoth Teams to Score
Inter – Sheriff Tiraspol+2.5
FC Porto – AC Milan-2.5
Atl. Madrid – Liverpool-2.5
Paris SG – RB Leipzig+2.5
Shakhtar Donetsk – Real Madrid2
Besiktas – SportingX2
Ajax – DortmundBoth Teams to Score
Club Brugge KV – Manchester City+2.5