Football important things

The ball is round. The round has to go into the square and the game is only over when the referee blows the whistle. Yes, these are all important things to know. But does it stop here? Not with us! We know more about football. There are sure to be one or the other bizarre thing that you didn’t know yet …

1) The referee did not even have to wait 1 minute to pull out his card. This event went down in 1999 as the fastest dismissal in football history. Swansea FC player Walter Boyed hit an opponent in the face while substituting and saw the red card immediately. He wasn’t even in the game for a second.

2) The smallest league in the world can be found on the British Scilly Islands. It consists of 2 teams. Yes, it can be a little bit more bizarre: these two teams compete against each other for 16 game days each season.

3) After we have already reported on the “bundesliga-har”, we continue with curious German hair. The mustache. This popular prop of the German man is known worldwide and is not forgotten in any cartoon. International football fans will be all the more disappointed, because you won’t find the Schnauzer in the German World Cup team. Jurgen Kohler and Rudi Voller were the last German national players with a mustache so far.

4) We are world champions! Well, at least on penalties. The German team had to compete four times. She won four times. No other national team has been able to assert itself more often this way.

5) Words fail us: An opening game has never ended 0-0.

6) You can also play football with an ankle cuff – even in the professional league. Tottenham player Jermaine Pennant was jailed for a few months because of drunk driving. However, when his team played against Birmingham City, he just had an exit and was allowed to play thanks to an ankle cuff.

7) Germany and Austria formed a joint team for the 1938 World Cup in France. The Reich coach Otto Nerz had to adhere to precise guidelines on how the national team should look. Accordingly, there were six German and five Austrian players on the field. However, after Austria’s involuntary annexation to Germany, they were more rivals than teammates. So it is no longer surprising that Germany achieved the worst result in its history at the 1938 World Cup.

8) 300 – This is the number of spectators that the worst-attended game had. In Montevideo / Uruguay, football fans are said to have stopped watching the game between Romania and Peru in 1930. Incidentally, this ended with 3: 1.

9) 1.4 million employees are increasingly ill during the World Cup. As the Bild newspaper reports, this curious disease occurs mainly when World Cup games are only broadcast very late in the evening due to the time difference. But don’t worry, dear employer, in most cases the employees are ready to go again after just 2 days.

10) It was in 1950 when the English football nation cheated on the victory against the USA in Brazil. The explanation was obvious at the time. Since the World Cup has not yet been televised, they trusted the local press. But of course the daily newspapers must have made a mistake when they presented the embarrassing 0: 1 result to the population. That couldn’t be … A correction was needed! So it happened that some daily newspapers printed what they saw as the correct outcome of the England vs. USA game and delighted fans with a 10: 1 win.

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