Free Football Facts

Football “Ole-ole-ole” comes from Spain, which are used mainly during bullfights and flamenco dance. The interesting thing is that this exclamation appeared through the transformation of the words “Allah, Allah” who uttered in prayer Arabs ruled Spain in the 8th century.

The world-famous singer Julio Iglesias in his youth was a soccer goalkeeper and played for “Real” (Madrid). His career ended only 20 years old when he suffered a car accident and spent three years in hospitals. Iglesias was paralyzed and could only move his hands. So the Spaniard learned to play guitar, then became a worldwide celebrity.

During a football match in Brazil wind blown group of parachutists stadium. One of them even landed on the team’s one team at a time when he was preparing to catch a ball. So it proved in the door, and the judge misconstrued the goal despite the protests of hapless players. The referee justified its decision explaining that the emergence of paratroopers was “interference from above.”

Football is officially banned in six countries, including Afghanistan and Greenland. It is interesting that even in America there are some restrictions on European football (soccer). In Utah as this sport can be practiced only if the stadium is at least 1.5 miles from the church. Just for comparison – baseball, golf and American football requirement is 0.5 miles.

It is known that English is one of the brightest football fans passionate supporters of their teams for which they are ready for anything. It turns out, however, that their passion seems to private and state institutions about 40 million. Pounds a year for property damage caused by vandalism.

On November 3, 1969 in the UK took place at urchin football match between teams of “Tokhemskiya Youth Club” and “Howe-you.” Players so furiously and viciously fought for provincial bowl that had the judge expelled all 22 players, one was taken to hospital with side judge.

The longest game was even played between two teams of Irish football club “Kalinafersi” 1-3 August 1981 winner was aired after 65 hours and 1 minutes.

British Isles fog is common, but when it happens during a football match, the result is overcrowding of the field. That happened during a fight between two Scottish teams. When the judge felt that the court seems crowded, he first headed to spare benches that proved empty. The referee suspended the game immediately and census found that of course is a total of 30 players.

Brazilian football team, which had fairly good results, was disbanded by the Minister of Interior. It turned out that the team consisted mainly of police and during their games on the field and around it was full of guardians of order. At that time, the city undergoing any invasion of thieves and thugs who acted undisturbed. Rather Stadium procedure was flawless.

In the Polish city of Bydgoszcz consisted one of the most interesting matches attracted crowds of reporters and spectators. The interesting thing was the fact that the players of one team were members of one family – brothers of the family Osinski aged ’15 to ’28 Although the family team lost, the audience erupted in cheers powerful creator.

stadium in Buenos Aires, conducted an experiment to prove that the lads have an advantage over married players. All went normally until they were awarded a penalty in favor of lads and they implemented it. Then women players from the opposing team jumped to the ground, beat the judge awarded the victory of their husbands. To avoid further excesses Well, lads agreed with the outcome of the match and the experiment failed.

During the friendly match in the Italian town of Asti footballer of the local team did not hit the ball and boots stuck in the ground, and it so badly that you brought a serious injury. When studied at the “accident”, however, found the skeleton proved to be a valuable archaeological find. Unfortunate player even received a cash prize and a medal “for contribution to archaeological research.”

The Brazilian defender Pinheiro was nicknamed record for goals … in his own neck. Only one season he scored 10 goals to his goalkeeper. Therefore sent the player in attack, but even in the first game he devised and again crashed the ball into his neck. Because of these iztsepki his teammates devised a great gift for 25th birthday – compass, which was painted “Remember, the opponent is in this country.”

During the final of the League Cup in England in 2005 was recorded record high noise in the stadium. After the goal the player of “Liverpool,” Riise in the door of “Chelsea” Liverpool fans screamed with Power 130.7 decibels. This achievement was even recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The previous record was 128.74 decibels recorded in 2000 during a match on the American “Denver Bronx.”

The fastest own goal did was registered in the mid-60s when defender “Brescia” Mattila drove the ball into his own goal in the 38th second of the match with “Mantova”.

There are two cases in which referees were shown red cards themselves – Andy Wayne during the match between “Peterborough North End” and “Royal Mail” and Melvin Sylvester in the game “Southampton Arms” – “Hartsbarn Tarrant British Legion. ” Their first raised red card to avoid conflict with the goalkeeper of one team and the second – for prerekanie a footballer.

In 1959 the German administration Gelsenkirchen stadium appointed at the same time matches in football and handball. None of the teams did not want to surrender and had to be played simultaneously both meetings. So the terrain had 4 teams and 2 balls.

The national team of Botswana has not won a match ever in its 28-year history. In the team have changed more than 50 coaches, some of which former Russian athletes.

The Italian goalkeeper Grosso told during a match referee wearing glasses and what was sent off the pitch. It turned out, however, that the guard actually has optics and the referee actually had poor eyesight. Because Disciplinary Committee decided that the words of the goalkeeper actually not insult and rational advice. All ended without consequences for Grosso and the referee bought glasses from his store.

In the late 50s the Italian referees tidy match at Siena. Everything in the game progressed normally until the door of one team had not scored a controversial goal. And all 22 players are harnessed to prove his uprightness. Word of Mouth scandal acquired such proportions that had to intervene police.

In the championship of Greece in 1978, where “Ethnikos” accepted as host PAOK, visitors opened the scoring. However, as long shared his joy with his supporters that he heard the signal for the renewal of the game. So the home undisturbed even the score.

In 1891 the Irish football expert John penal proposed to introduce a 11-meter penalty for rough play or a handball in the penalty area rival. The first such attack was executed precisely in the Irish League. Then worldwide penalty was called on his name – penal.

In the Spanish town of Fuente home team taking players of “Gonsha.” Just a few minutes however were enough guests to get a 0: 2. Then the field as a real bullfight, appeared angry bull, followed by second and third. The players ran headlong, and the chief judge barely escaped in the locker room. Had the match to be postponed. Later, however, it turned out that in fact the animals prepared for the bullfight were released from a local fan who does not want to see the defeat of their favorite team.

The driver of the express train from Bucharest to Belgrade barely managed to stop the train before jumped the rails person from Yugoslavia. He risked his life to not be late for a football match in Belgrade.

The defeat of Honduras from El Salvador on June 15, 1969 during qualifying for the World Cup became the immediate cause of the outbreak of war between the two countries. The match gives rise to the so-called Soccer War, although the motives for it were far deeper than one loss on the field.

It is known that Lev Yashin was not only a football goalkeeper, but hockey. In 1953 he won the USSR Cup hockey and became a bronze medalist in the football championship of the country. Yashin received an offer to join the hockey team for the World Cup, but rather focus on his other career.

On 20 March 1976 player of ‘Aston Villa’ Chris Nicol scored two goals in the opposition and his own neck during the match with the “Leicester City”. The match ended with score 2: 2 with a single goal.

In 1939, during the match between Vienna “Rapid” and the German “Frankfurt” Austrians scored 3 goals in the last 15 minutes. Since then, home games of “Rapid” the audience applauded every time the players in the last 15 minutes.

In 2002, the English star David Beckham became the legislator of football fashion, appearing on the field with the famous mohikanska haircut “Iroquois”. With her player occupied first place in the ranking of leading image company 20 famous athletes, distinguished not only for its sports qualities, but with original hairstyles. A year later, Beckham once again falls in the rankings, but this time in 12th place. Before his rank goalkeeper David Seaman with his horse’s mane, bareheaded tennis player Andre Agassi, red-haired Swedish footballer Freddie Lyunberg, the national team of Romania, which are painted in yellow the World Cup in 1998, and others.

Famous designers have created exemplary wardrobe football giants “Milan” for the 2009/2010 season, which is the last word in world trends. In addition, they have developed not only the official line of sports clothing (Red), but took with representative wardrobe players (collection Black Club).